Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu


Tamil Nadu has solar potential of 17.67 GW with reasonably high solar potential of 5.6-6 Kwh/m2 and around 300 sunny days.


To meet the power requirement of the state, Tamil Nadu has a target of 8000 MW by 2022.


Tamil Nadu has come up with objective to install 8GW solar power plants by 2022. Currently state has installed solar power capacity of 418.945 MW.

Past Bids in state:

Bids Released Max received bid(MW) Min received bid(MW)
1000 MW 50 1
15 MW 15 15
5 MW 5 5


Upcoming Bids:

Tender Release date Remark
1284 MW   700MW  Expected commissioning in 2016-17
Development of 50MW Solar PV Power Project at Salem in Tamil Nadu 03/06/2016  
35 MW in Puducherry under NSM Ph-II, Batch-III 29/04/2016