Haryana with 320 sunny days has a solar potential of 4.56GW.


The state of Haryana has a target to 1300MW by 2022 against it the state of Haryana has achieved 12.8 MW installed capacity.


By March 2017, HAREDA shall promote and get installed 100 MW capacity of MW Scale Grid connected Solar Power Project in two phases. In each phase, 50 MW capacities shall be selected through reverse bidding on the basis of maximum discount offered on the levelized tariff fixed by Haryana Electricity Regulatory Commission (HERC) for SPV solar power plants. The entire power from the Solar Power Plant shall be purchased by DISCOMS of Haryana at tariff so discovered.

The possibility of setting up of 50 MW capacity scale Solar Power Plants on barren Panchayat lands in the State shall also be explored. The department shall identify such suitable chunks in consultation with the Department Rural and Panchayat Department. The Panchayats interested in leasing the land under their possession shall be paid as per the prevailing state policy up to 25 years.

To achieve it’s 1300 MW target Haryana had released a bid of 150MW. Aditya Brila won the bid of whole 150 MW capacity with tariff of ₹5.08/Kwh.

Haryana currently has the total commissioned capacity of 12.8 MW.

Past Bids:

Bids Released Medium Max received bid Min received bid
7.8 MW JNNSM Phase 2 Batch I 1 0.8
150 150 1


Present Bids:

Tender Release date Remark
250 MW 2/1/2016 SECI-VGF Scheme250 MW Haryana