Andhra Pradesh


Andhra Pradesh has solar potential of 38.44GW. The State government is keen to tap its immense solar potential and promote this clean source of energy to meet the rising energy requirements of the State. The following factors make Andhra Pradesh an ideal location for setting up Solar Power Projects:


Andhra Pradesh is one the state that has been selected by Ministry of Power as one of the pilot states for implementation of the 24X7 – Power for All (PFA) scheme and the state is also poised for rapid industrial growth driven by infrastructure investments, Solar energy can become an important source in meeting the growing power requirements of the State.

To meet the power requirement of the state Andhra Pradesh has a target of 9834 MW by 2022 and 5000 MW by 2020.


Andhra Pradesh has come up with its new solar power policy which has an objective to install 5GW solar power plants in 5 years. Currently Andhra has solar capacity of 357.34 MW.

The solar policy of the state aims to promote widespread usage of solar power and to meet the following objectives.

Past Bids:

Bids Released Medium Max received bid Min received bid
750 MW Projects Under RPSSGP/GBI Scheme 160 10
500 MW APGENCO 100 3


Upcoming Bids:

Tender Release date Remark
500 MW 2/1/2016
NTPC Ltd.( Own Projects)500 MW 3/11/2015
NTPC Ltd.( Own Projects)350 MW 14/12/2015
500 MW by APGENCO 30/11/2015
500 MW in Ananthapuramu Solar Park 2/1/2016